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Most Expensive MP3 Player

The mp3 player, or digital audio player, is a small portable device which plays digital music files, the most common of which are mp3s. Flash-based players, like the Apple iPod Shuffle, and digital jukeboxes, like the larger Apple iPod, are becoming increasingly gadgets used by millions around the world.
After receiving an order from Russian-Canadian billionaire Alex Shnaider, owner of the Midland Formula 1 team, TrekStor a German manufacturer of MP3 players has developed the most expensive MP3 player ever built. This unique custom-made portable music device was created based on TrekStor’s i.Beat organix mp3 player.
The mp3 player has one gigabyte of memory, a battery life of 25 hours, and supports MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF, OGG audio files. But what really makes this an expensive mp3 player is the exterior.
The TrekStor MP3 player i.Beat organix Gold is cast in 18 carat gold and adorned with 63 diamonds (one carat). The gadget also has a modest chain ornamented with aquamarine gems. The exclusive, unique player was presented to the public for the first time at CeBIT, the world’s largest IT trade fair in Germany.
Jewelers Wenthe in Mannheim/Germany put over 100 hours of meticulous handcraft into the most expensive mp3 player making it an exquisite piece of jewelry.
This mp3 player may never become the most popular, but TrekStor has recently decided to produce a limited series of this magnificent gadget for those who would buy the most expensive mp3 player in the world

Most Expensive Handheld Video Game System

You might remember how in your younger days you had a Nintendo Gameboy. One of the kids in your class might have had a Sega Gamegear. These days, possibly depending on whether or not you have a social life, you might have a Sony PSP or a Nintendo DS. But did you know that since 1979 there have been 33 known handheld video game systems released throughout the world? Most of these haldheld games quickly faded into obscurity. So which of them is the most expensive handheld video game system in the world?
Some of these video game systems were very ambitious and way ahead of their time. Most of them were complete disasters, due to either poor marketing or other kinds of corporate ineptitude that lead to terrible design decisions. The three expensive handheld video game consoles we’ll be looking at today are the Gizmondo, the Tapwave Zodiac and the TurboExpress.
Released in October 2005 for $400 (without ads), the Gizmondo featured a 400MHz ARM9 processor, a GeForce 3D 4500 GPU and a GPS module for in-car navigation. Between January and September of 2005, Tiger Telematics, the company responsible for this abortion, reported a loss of $210 million USD. Soon afterwards Gizmondo declared bankruptcy and a controversy about Steffan Eriksson, a Gizmondo exec with connection to the Swedish mafia, soon errupted after he crashed his Ferrari Enzo. Only 8 crappy games were ever released for it.
The Tapwave Zodiac, costing $400 (depending on config), was released in time for the 2003 holiday shopping season. It was a Palm OS 5 based PDA created by the Tapwave company. It featured a 200MHz ARM9 processor and an ATI Imageon W4200 GPU. A lot of Palm OS compatible games could run on it, but it’s not clear how many games were released specifically for it, because Tapwave went bankrupt in July 2005, and because nobody cares.
Having the honor of being the most expensive handheld video game ever made, the NEC TurboExpress, the Rolls Royce of handheld systems, was released in 1990. It was the portable version of the TurboGrafx-16 and cost $249 at launch. Its price was briefly raised to $299, which adjusted for inflation is $446 in todays dollars. It featured 6820 CPU which ran at 3.58 or 7.16 MHz and had a 512 color palette. It could also be connected to a TV. The TurboExpress was never able to catch on with gamers due to bad marketing and the price of the expensive game system.

Most Expensive Video Game

Doom was a revolutionary first person shooter, released in 1993 to worldwide acclaim. Only 11 people are credited for this game, which took only a year to develop from start to finish. It’s not clear how big the development budget was, but it was typical for most games of that time to have a budgets around $200,000.
Today the production of a video game can cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars and sometimes takes over 5 years to develop. Releasing an A-list title is a massive business undertaking, employing many hundreds of people. An incredible amount of risk is involved in releasing a title. Big name publishers lean towards releasing sequels and safer titles that appeal to a broader audience.
Sometimes an ambitious game developer will completely overrun its budget and development time. Sometimes this results in an epic title that breaks all the rules set before it. More often than not, it results in poor reviews, poor sales and a generally crappy video game. By now you might be wondering, what is the most expensive video game ever made? It’s a Sega Dreamcast game called Shenmue. Released in 1999, the project cost over $20 million and took over 7 years to complete. It was produced and directed by Yu Suzuki for the Sega-AM2 (Sega Amusement Machine Research and Development Department 2).
Shenmue boasted unparalled freedom and interactivity, even a real time weather system. But this wasn’t enough to impress, the most expensive video game received mixed reviews and experienced mediocre sales. Nonetheless, the expensive game inspired a massive fan base that remains active to this day.